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Our book all about calm is available on Amazon.

Buy all about calm on Amazon ->

Our book Heart Around Ankles is available on Amazon.


Does your child have developmental issues? 

Are you having trouble getting answers about how to help your child?

Do you feel emotionally wrung out trying to get help for your family?

If so, this story is for you.

This is a story of one mother’s quest to realize her son’s highest potential. She wanted him to be happy. She wanted him to appreciate humor. She wanted him to understand the nuances of social interactions.

At first, she was told she was crazy for thinking something wasn’t quite right. She was told she had first-time mother’s syndrome. She was told to relax.

Then she was told her son was too high-strung, would never be an athlete and would probably not develop as other children.

Now her son is a typical teenager known for his charisma, sense of humor, intelligence and athleticism.

This is a story for every parent who wonders if something isn’t quite right with his or her child’s development and wonders how to fix it.

It’s one mother’s story of her journey through the confusing labyrinth of child development. It’s a story of frustration and worry.

Most especially, though, it’s a story of triumph.

It could be your story.

Buy Heart Around Ankles on Amazon ->

Our Live or Online Series on CALM: 

Zen stones with frangipani


Listen to fun stories about children and family and learn 10 quick & easy tips on creating CALM in your daily life. You will walk away with more ease and tricks to fit into your back pocket to create CALM on the fly.

Duration: 1 hour


Pink candle with towel

CALM Take 2


We created more tips to create CALM.  We revisit 3 favorites from the first talk, but incorporate 7 new ones. You will experience ease and CALM and be able to create these in your life after the talk is completed.

Duration: 1 hour


Water drop w: ripple effect

CALM – The Deep Dive

This ½ day workshop delves into the breath, mantra, visualization and meditation exercises we introduce in our CALM talks.  You will do activities around each as well as learn more about other ways to create CALM in your daily life.

Duration: 4 hours   Cost: $48 per person



Our New TV Show!

Studio Television Camera

Check out our new TV Show, KEC Connections, airing on BevCam and Youtube.  We interview experts on parenting and family life.

Stay tuned to learn more about:

  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Being CALM amidst the chaos of family life
  • Enhancing your relationships
  • Improving your intuition
  • and lots more…

Premiere TV Show w/ Roberta Chadis, President of Dog Health News ™, Get Your Voice Out There ™ and Public Speaking for Youth ™ 


Our first TV show, KEC Connections, has premiered. Watch Roberta Chadis as she explains affordable ways to care for your dog, learn tips for getting over your fears of public speaking and the bottom line for achieving success in your life!


Upcoming Men in the Head ® Stories & Books: 

  • Parent Guide by Men in the Head ® – A practically holistic approach for family life is targeted for release in late fall 2018.Parent Guide


Past Events:

Breakfast and Brainstorming – Million Dollar Woman

The Enterprise Center at Salem State University
121 Loring Ave | Salem, MA, 01970

June 1 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am

KEW Picture

Here’s your opportunity to have breakfast and conversation with a million dollar business woman. Share your ideas, get advice, hear solutions. | $25

Speaker: Kim Woods, CEO

TV Interview

TV Show for Blog

We recently were interviewed for a BevCAM TV show titled “Get Your Voice Out There” with Roberta Chadis.

Roberta is wonderful and such a fabulous host.  It was so much fun!

Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amlfu_2Rzxc&feature=youtu.be

Book Fair!

We had our recommendations at the GUS Book Fair for really good books on CALM.  The list is included here: http://www.meninthehead.com/book-reviews-anxiety-calm/


Past Speaking Engagements: 

gh2 kw posterCALM

We had a great time hearing funny stories and learning 10 quick tips on being CALM.  Just follow the link for the related article for the description of all 10 tips: http://www.meninthehead.com/calm

For the audio files of the breath exercises, visualization, and quick meditation, click below:

(The files take a few moments to load onto the page.  We are exploring other options to make them smaller or sharing easier.  In the meantime, press the play button on the left-hand side & wait a few moments.  Press pause & then play again. Once you see the time loaded on the right hand side, the audio file is ready.  Breathe while you wait!)

Breath MP3 file:

Beach Visualization MP3 file:

Guided Meditation: Our Thoughts MP3 file:

Stay tuned for other upcoming speaking engagements.

I am reaching out to lots of schools and libraries to conduct my CALM talk as well as others, such as: Are We Creating ADD? to discuss 7 ways to stave off the trends of technology, social media and over scheduling; or UNDERSTAND as we meet the characters for a simple way to understand the brain-body connection.



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