The holidays are fast approaching and mothers everywhere are making the final push to finish up school, make those last-minute holiday arrangements and gather family for hopefully some joy and bliss over the holiday vacation.

I’ve been noticing.

I’ve been observing all of the activities in these last weeks of 2017.

I’ve been smiling to myself with a bit of smugness, because…

Mothers are patient.

“Mom, can I have…?”

“Mommy, why can’t I see Santa on Christmas?”

“MOM! Tommy hit me!”

All of this as one mother in line at the Hallmark store is just trying to buy one card. She probably forgot it in all of the melee and now has to wait in line with her children creating ruckus all around her.

She doesn’t miss a beat. She answers every question, diffuses the fight and pays for her purchase as she guides the children back into her car – for more ruckus I presume.

Mothers are multi-taskers.

Mothers are simultaneously juggling schedules, baking cookies, wrapping presents and attending holiday concerts and plays.

You can see them driving to and fro sometimes alone and others times in a car packed with children.

You can imagine them pulling beautifully baked cookies from the oven just awaiting the frosting and sprinkles.

You can relate as, you too, are sitting in the auditorium to see your cherub perform on stage.

Mothers are life-savers.

“Honey, can you get all of my employee gifts before tomorrow?” (Luckily, you anticipated this and have them at the ready.)

“Babe, can you tell me where the holiday cards are? Wait, do we have holiday cards? I need a bunch to send to…” (Yes, of course, there are holiday cards – picture taken, cards designed, ordered, addressed and mailed with enough left over for the spouse to grab as needed.)

“Mom, I need to buy a present for…Can we go to the mall?” (Of course, this is a few days before Christmas and you’ve finished your shopping weeks ago.)

Mothers are magical.

If your children still believe in Santa, you know of your magic as you create it every Christmas morning by honoring the anonymous gift giving from Santa.

If your children are wavering in this stage, you can double down by telling them you do believe in magic, love and generosity – all of the things Santa represents.

If your children are beyond the belief stage, you still create magic with your love and care every single day.

Mothers are patient.

Mothers are multitaskers.

Mothers are life-savers.

Mothers are magical.

Basically, mothers rock.

So, take a moment to be smug in your motherhood.

Spend some time being patient with yourself, saving yourself and creating magic just for you.

Wishing you joy and magic this holiday season,