Authenticity by Tim Mavroules


Tim is a guest blogger who is going to add shape and texture to our Back to Basics Series featuring articles on healthy choices, outdoor living, and overall wellness. We are going to explore the attributes of organic foods, being in nature, relationships, and even the importance of a good night’s sleep.

On relationships, Tim feels authenticity is of utmost importance.  (Once again, serendipity has occurred. Authenticity seems to be a theme for the last several weeks.) 

In his words,

Authenticity is #1.

It trumps all other attributes.

Living authentically means coming from that place inside, the truth that is always urging to be told. It’s the voice in your head, your conscience, your heart, & your soul. It’s knowing who you are & setting your intentions on what to do with it. It’s taking responsibility for yourself & everything you do. It means you love yourself & you’re willing to share that with the rest of us.

You’re open. You accept reality and also dare to shape it as you see fit. You know where you’ve been & believe you can go anywhere you set your sights on. You know where you stand & will stand up for what matters. You put yourself first; at the same time you’re remarkably generous to others. You step up to the plate & pull your own weight. You will even carry the load for the person beside you. And you allow yourself to be carried when you need it, too.

Authenticity takes honesty, compassion, humility, respect, patience, perseverance, & hard work. It’s a daily practice, a motto, a worldview, & an anchor. It’s the hope and foundation of any lasting and fulfilling relationship- the basis we need to live a truly meaningful life.

Tim is an honors graduate of Salem State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He is a fitness trainer, team performance instructor, and leadership coach. He recently spoke at a psychology conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. His interests include mountain biking, organic living, and kayaking.