Every Summer

Two deck chairs on a tropical sandy beach with beautiful colorful sunset

Every summer in mid-August, it happens.

I feel out of sorts.

I feel out of touch and disconnected.

I feel a sense of loss.

This doesn’t happen with the other seasons, just summer. What is it about summer?

Is it the high expectations packed into such a short season?

Is it the length of the season itself?

Is it the difference in the ebb and flow of the days?

Whatever the reason, here it is – my low point of summer.

I grip these diminishing days with a tight fist.

I crowd summer outings into my days with a ferocity that defies the relaxed pace of the season.

I rail at the school notices coming into my in-box with increasing speed.

Here it is – that still point of summer.

The days get shorter, yet the heat reaches intensity.

The whispers of school get louder, yet the tempo slows even further.

It’s a suspended time.

It’s too late to be excited about this season and too soon to look forward to the crisp days of fall.

So, I feel out of sorts.

Yet, I want to enjoy every blessed moment of the season.

I make a pact with myself to shake off this feeling of loss.

I will relish these last summer days.

I will linger during this still point.

I will savor.

Happy August.

As always, wishing you joy,