Extraordinary Ordinary

Cute little girl runs a paper boat in the stream in the park. Stretching her hand and reaching the little ship

“I thought about pulling this post due to the tragedy in Orlando this week, however, I feel it is now more pertinent than ever. We need relief, we need to take a breath, and we need to savor our moments – especially ordinary ones.” – KEW, June 2016


“I didn’t get a solo for the chorus concert,” Katy sighs.

“How did you do?” I ask, feeling horrible for her. She has a beautiful singing voice, so I am wondering at this turn of events.

“I didn’t project my voice enough,” she replies.

“Okay, that makes sense. Since it was your first time, you should think about what do you need to do for next time. Also, I know you were nervous, so you should feel pleased with yourself for trying out.”

She smiles tentatively as I leave her to get Nick at his school. As he climbs into the car, he tells me he did not make a position that was basically his.

I sigh. What is going on? These two are made for these things and we don’t do much…

Then it hits me.

We don’t do much.

We actually have a strategy of NOT getting involved in lots of activities.

We do not schedule multiple after school activities.

We do not engage in travel sports teams.

We do not pursue the highest, best or elite levels of any groups.

Instead, we live.

We have gotten a lot of peculiar looks as we enrolled in alternative schools.

We have gotten a number of eye rolls as we pursue holistic health.

We have gotten questioning comments on our views of the overzealous pursuit of college.

We don’t do much.

Instead, we live.

We spend time chilling out after school.

We spend time talking about our lives before bedtime.

We spend time relaxing, breathing and just being.

We don’t do much.

But, we live.

We enjoy our free time, our selves, and each other.

We explore our thoughts and our worlds.

We discover new things in our ordinary lives.

We don’t do much.

But, we live.

We may not get the position on the elite team, the biggest trophy, or the first place prize.

We live what externally looks to be ordinary lives, but on the inside, it’s a completely different view.

We live and we find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We spend time in nature, play ball, and ride bikes.

We take trips, go to sporting events, and listen to music.

We get wrapped up in the hubbub of life, of course, but we step off whenever we can.

We don’t do much.

But, we live.

We enjoy, we laugh and we love.

We live – extraordinarily ordinary lives.

I don’t have lots of mother bragging moments, but I have lots of quiet smiling memory ones.

We don’t do much.

Instead, we live.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.