Heart of the Home

KitchenDuring this snowy and somewhat reclusive season, it’s interesting to feel the essence of home and how it is created within our hearts and minds.  Lately, I have noticed a phenomenon in my home when I am cooking for a long period of time; everyone sinks deeper into a place of peace and contentment. Yes, the kids even stop fighting for the entire day!

I have been making space each Sunday to do a marathon of cooking to prepare for the week & have noticed a quieting and deepening for every family member.  One child will start reading quietly in a corner, another will draw and my husband will delve into a project.  This is not unusual.  We live a quiet life without a lot of technology & gadgetry; however, the level of engagement is different.  This is deeper, more meaningful and with greater connection.  It’s almost spiritual.

It has made me wonder what you have been noticing in your homes.  When you engage in a creative project, does it affect your family?  Is there something physiological that happens within a home when the heart is connected & engaged in some creative project?   Does it need to be something traditionally feminine such as; cooking, sewing or knitting? Or is the creative energy enough?

For us personally, it needs to be traditionally feminine.  When I am engrossed in a business or writing project, the same phenomenon does not occur.  We may all be engaged quietly in an activity, but the deepest level of contentment and connectedness is not present.  For us, when I am in the heart of the home producing yummy meals, that’s when the magical by product of deep engagement happens.

Lucky for me that I really love to cook!  I am definitely interested in your experiences….

Happy February everyone.