Let Yourself be a Beginner

BeginnerSpring is about beginning anew, so as we see the blossoms burst to life, let’s ponder the meaning of new beginnings.    Often we think of a new beginning as refreshing, exciting and exhilarating and these elements are certainly part of it.  However, a new beginning is also scary, uncomfortable and unpredictable.  It takes focus, discipline and tenacity to begin something new.

Imagine that bloom bursting through the soil.  Certainly it senses the light, however, as it breaks through the soil, it is also met with wind, rain and sometimes snow.  Yet, the bloom breaks the surface and survives the elements, giving us its beautiful and vibrant color.  Perhaps knowing the harshness of its existence, we glory in its life.  We know of the fragility of the new bud and revere in its heralding of the season.

Just in time for spring, think about something you would like to begin.  Is there one thing you have wished to do? It can be something huge like starting a business or something relatively small like learning to play the piano.  It could be something you haven’t allowed time for in recent years.  Perhaps you would like to play golf, return to watercolor, take up poetry or perfect a particularly difficult song.  Or you may want to learn all of the elements of a specific software, advance in photography or master sailing.  Whatever it is, take a moment and think about it.  This is not something that will draw energy from you, but something that will revitalize you and nourish your spirit.  There should be a whisper or more of excitement when thinking about it.

Now let’s talk logistics.  What steps do you need to take to actually do it?  Do you need to clear some time on your calendar or set aside some money to invest in yourself to do this?  Do you need to research classes or instructors?  Do you need materials?  Create a snapshot of a timeline – when to begin, how much time to invest on a weekly or monthly basis, for how long…. Sketch out a quick plan – seriously, just a quick one: back of the envelope type of thing – nothing too strenuous.

Next, the most important part – give yourself the gift of being a beginner.  This is the hardest.  You are probably not going to be a master right away.  Recognize it and embrace it.  You will be a beginner.  You may feel awkward and uncomfortable.  You may fumble and stumble. You may feel frustrated.  Accept it and relax into it.

Allow yourself to be a beginner in all of its glory and all of its uncertainty.  Let yourself be that seedling bursting through the soil unsure of what is next, but knowing that there is light and life and vibrancy.   The pay off is extraordinary.  Your mind will be engaged, your heart filled with pride and your spirit nourished. Imagine all of that just by painting a few strokes, sailing in the harbor or hitting those high notes.

Let yourself be a beginner – spring is the perfect time to start.