Meet the Men in the Head ™

MiTH_logo_horiz_stackMeet the Men in the Head ™. Each character is full of fun and will delight you with their antics and abilities.

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Look for a story about each character.  Also, there will be a new page that will outline learning issues such as: ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, etc. and explain which characters are involved and how you can help and support them.



Overall Responsibility


Henry Senses Sight (Visual)Sound (Auditory)Smell (Olfactory)Taste (Gustatory perception)Touch (Tactile):Protective SystemDiscriminate System
Amanda Smarts AttentionMemory: Working, Short & Long TermLanguageVisual ThinkingSequential OrderingExecutive FunctioningComplex Thinking
George Motor Motor Skill & PlanningPraxis (ideation, planning, execution)Fine MotorOral MotorVisual Motor
Larry Movement & Space:Vestibular (movement through space & position of head) Sense of BalanceMotion DetectionGravitational AwarenessMuscle ToneCoordination, including bilateral
Gary Movement & Space:Proprioceptive (where body is in space) Body PerceptionBody PositionPostural PerceptionBody Image/Scheme
Sally Body Needs: Interoceptive Hungry/FullTired/RestedBathroom Needs
Gerald Impulses Impulse ReadinessImpulse Control
Samantha Feelings/Awareness EmotionsSocial Cognition & ProcessingIntuition
Thomas Safety/Conscience SafetyJudgment CallsDecision MakingRewards Processing