Meeting Your Child(ren) Where They Are – Time and Time Again

Meeting childrenOne of my very dear friends gave me the best compliment last week when she said; ‘You do not have preconceived expectations of your children.  You allow them to be who they are and help them navigate to the best of their potential.  You do that, but amazingly, you also give them the space to change, whenever and however, their souls are yearning for it.  You meet them, time and time again as they develop, and do not hold their histories up to them for comparison.  You hold the present and the future for them as they grow and change.’

As Mothers, there are lots of times when we question, deliberate and wonder over decisions and actions, but with these words, we can find true peace.  We can know that by holding the true and changing potential of children, we create space and love for their hearts and souls.  I don’t think we can do any better than that for our children.  I just wanted to share as I am sure this is true for many of you and it has just not been put into words and expressed in this way.

Thank you Brook.