Year of the Horse 2014

horses runHappy Chinese New Year!  Welcome, welcome  Green Wood Horse.

It’s time for movement, independence, freedom and tapping into your intuition.

This year will be very different than last year.  2013, Year of the Water Snake, was all about secrets, silence, learning, researching, and waiting.   The quiet contemplative energy has been changing over the last few weeks into one of purposeful pursuit, quick-thinking and decisive action.

Horse is high energy, loves travel and adventure, and represents good fortune.  Horse is also unpredictable, unrestrained and unbending.  This is not the year for taking it slow, keeping hidden agendas or standing on middle ground.

This is the year for big – big changes, big results, and big movement.  It can be chaotic with unbridled energy and full of extremes.  This is the time to stay grounded, use good judgment and most importantly, tap into your intuition.

Horses have tremendous instincts.  This is the year to use yours when making decisions, especially lasting ones.  You will need to be quick on your feet and absolutely sure it’s the right decision for you.

Luckily for us, the year’s start is encumbered with forces from retrograde planets, Venus just went direct a few days ago, Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and Mars goes retrograde at the very beginning of March.  This makes for a much kinder transition from the energies of water snake to wood horse.  These two energies are vastly different from each other, so cheers to having a full month to transition from one to the other.

February will still feel as if we are being held back to some extent and it’s best to go with the flow of energy and notice when you are gathering and when you are releasing and get really comfortable with each action and how they interact each other.  This will make it much easier for you to ride the energy of the horse throughout 2014.

This has the makings of being a wonderful year.  So, saddle up – we’re going for a ride!

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