Alex & Chloe Meet the Men in the Head ™

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From the Back Cover

Alex, Chloe and Shadow go on an adventure and meet The Men in the Head™. The little creatures are lost and cannot find their way home!

Can Alex, Chloe and Shadow save the day with a pair of sunglasses, a pack of gum, crumbled tissues, a tiny toy parachute, and a few other treasures?

Book Description

In this charming and fun story, Alex and Chloe discover the inner-workings of the brain and how this affects their bodies as they go on an exciting adventure with their new friends.

Geared toward children 6 – 10 years old, children and parents will delight in meeting Henry, Amanda, George, the space twins and all of the other creatures as they describe how they help kids do everyday things.

From the Author

The Men in the Head™ were created as a way to explain to my 5-year old son why he had to go to therapy several times a week and his little sister did not. Changing the language from clinical and therapeutic terms to a language a small child could understand, made me realize that we need a lexicon that is easy, approachable and fun.

So, the goal of this work is to create that language for children, parents, therapists, doctors, and educators to illustrate the inner-workings of the brain.

About the Author

Kim E. Woods has 20+ years of experience in business strategy, leadership coaching and management consulting. She is also the mother of two beautiful children, one with sensory and learning issues.

After navigating the difficult labyrinth of educational and neurological therapies, she realized that the information regarding child development is daunting, the help is segmented, and the support is focused into specific areas without overlap.

Utilizing her expertise from consulting, she has constructed a foundation to help parents and their children navigate this unique and growing area by:

  • Creating awareness and acceptance.
  • Establishing a community of parents, therapists, and educators to create clarity, warmth and ease
  • Widening the lens across disciplines by seeing patterns, clarifying disparate data, and making it available through writing, speaking and teaching.