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How are you feeling?  Are you stressed out from work or business? Are you frustrated from having to constantly juggle schedules or handle the back to school requirements?  Are you in pain from too much gardening or that recent bike ride? Are you out of sorts due to this hot, hot weather?  Are you feeling depressed about the end of summer?

Imagine changing any of these things by doing absolutely nothing except making an appointment and going to see a shiatsu therapist. Imagine that after an hour treatment, you are completely calm, your pain is either gone or lessoned, you are feeling light and breezy, and completely engaged.  Seriously, it’s that quick and so easy.

You can spend an hour or so every week or every month receiving pure health and wellness for your body, mind & soul – all while lying down fully clothed and expending absolutely no energy.  It’s pure bliss and it’s known as shiatsu massage with Brook Gauthier.brook-shiatsu

How could this be and why haven’t we all been doing this for our entire lives?  These are excellent questions and I feel the only reason we haven’t been doing this is because it is not part of our culture – yet.  Imagine incorporating this kind of wellness practice into your everyday life.

Imagine supporting your children through their issues – easily and calmly.  Imagine helping your older child who is experiencing anxiety, lack of focus, or loss of confidence. Or knowing you have the tools to help your younger child who is having issues with nightmares or bedwetting.

Imagine having an immediate plan for wellness for someone in your family who is having digestive disturbances, allergies, colds, headaches, or pain from injuries in sports or play.

Imagine that relief is as easy as making an appointment and attending a session or series of sessions.  It’s almost too easy, how could it be so easy?  Exactly what is shiatsu?

What is Shiatsu?

The standard definition of shiatsu is:

Shiatsu ( しあつ) is Japanese for “finger pressure”; it is a type of alternative medicine consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques.  Shiatsu is usually performed on a futon mat, with clients fully clothed.

Brook describes her work as:

“Acupuncture without needles,

yoga without work,

dreaming without sleep.”

Now that sounds heavenly.  I like Brook’s definition better than the standard one.  It’s very appropriate.  I have been experiencing Brook’s healing for the past few years and I have to say it has changed my life.  Physically, I have more energy, strength and endurance.  I now work out several times a week and am getting into great shape.  Mentally, I still have the acumen and acuity, however, I have a much more positive attitude.  Emotionally, well, that’s the life changer.  My emotional body has been brought alive and I now experience my life with much more meaning, sensitivity, and engagement.  Spiritually, every session with Brook is a spiritual event in the Universal flow and support kind of way.

My children also go to Brook and she has helped with everything from facilitating the changes in their growing bodies, to easing symptoms of colds and allergies, to aiding in digestive issues, to assisting the body handle the disruption of oral appliances (palate expanders, braces), to increasing confidence in our younger one.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are a few responses from others who have received a shiatsu treatment from Brook:

“That was shamanic!” – Pierce Brosnan, Actor

“I can honestly say that was the best treatment I have ever received.”

– Andrew Bird, Musician/Songwriter

“I feel like a completely different person, back to myself again!”

– Thom Anderson, Teacher

Seriously, shiatsu is one of those best-kept secrets.  We need to let that secret out.  We need to scream it from the rooftops.  This stuff is powerful and magical.  Everyone should be doing it.  It should be an integral part of everyday life. But, why is it so powerful? How does it work?

How Shiatsu works:

As you go through life, your body remembers and stores every single experience, good or bad, and it needs ways to work through these experiences to release the tension or block and flow freely again.  There are many ways the body works through what it needs – yoga, exercise, sleep to name a few – however, typically, things accumulate faster than you can release them. As you are not even conscious  your body is taking these things on for you, it is often difficult for your body to release them on its own.

That’s where Brook comes in.  She senses and feels what is going on in your body and works through it to ease out the tension and stress and relieve symptoms, such as; pain, anxiety, depression.  She stops these symptoms before they turn into something more permanent and before they cause damage to the tissues, organs, muscles, joints and bones.

The Magic of Brook:

Brook is a practiced shiatsu therapist, however, she brings so much more to her sessions.  She intuits what is going on for you even before you walk through the door.  She can sense and feel what your body is saying even when you cannot hear it.

Your body is a conduit for energy and it needs to flow freely.  This energy or chi becomes altered when emotions are stored in your body.  Each emotion reacts in your body differently and needs a different expression for release.  As Brook says, grief scatters chi, fear descends chi, anger raises chi, and worry knots chi.

Brook can feel these varying expressions of emotions and unravel these blockages making for a healthier body.  She smoothes the chi shattered by grief, and lifts, lowers and unknots chi accordingly. Your energy is redistributed and you feel like a whole new person.

Brooks intuitive ability adds an infinite amount of health and wellness to the overall experience.  Her intuition is the magic that fills, gathers, lifts and draws energy as needed.

For Children:

Children are in Brook’s heart.  Her ability to hear the child’s body on every possible level, physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual, allows for powerful and lasting healing.    Children are open to noninvasive touch and healing and open to the invitation of shiatsu. Children have an extraordinary capacity for healing as they are in such an energy state.   They quickly show relief of symptoms and swiftly get on the path of healing.

Brook has also studied pediatric tuinua for infants through 5 year olds. She gives sessions to these little ones and teaches parents how to support their children between sessions.  She also instructs parents that the best results are achieved when they are fully supported by diet and environment.

Brook can treat the entire family – from a parent’s issue with stress, to a child’s problems in school, to a young ones issue with nightmares, to a grandparent’s issue with arthritis.  She can also support the whole family during the changes of the seasons such as help with colds & flu in the winter or allergies in the spring.

Shiatsu treats so many health concerns, we put together a quick snapshot.

Snapshot of What Shiatsu Treats:

  • Relieves physical pain from headaches, stiff neck, back problems, whiplash, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, sports injuries, trapped nerves, general muscle aches and sciatica
  • Alleviates digestive problems, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation
  • Alleviates insomnia and reduces anxiety and stress
  • Reduces allergies
  • Lightens depression, seasonal affective disorder, and improves low self-esteem and increases confidence
  • Helps concentration, focus, attention and mental clarity
  • Improves weak immune system resulting in a repetitive cycle of infections, e.g tonsilitis, colds, cold sores etc.
  • Relieves asthma, breathing irregularities, and heart palpitations
  • Eases TMJ problems and provides support during oral procedures such as: braces, retainers, palate expanders
  • Eases reproductive issues including fertility, menstrual and menopause problems
  • Provides support during pregnancy and childbirth and relief for pains and anxiety relating to both
  • Corrects postural misalignment
  • Lightens skin rashes including eczema
  • Allays rheumatism, arthritis, fatigue, M.E. and fibromyalgia
  • Supports during illnesses such as cancer, stroke and addictions

Information about Chrysalis:

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To make an appointment with Brook, call her at 520.370.3162.  Mention this article and receive a 15% discount on your initial treatment.