Clarify Your Vision Workshop

Young woman in casual holding yellow bucket with icons


Date: Saturday, January 30th

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Location: 9 Newbury Street, Beverly, MA

In a slump? Need a kickstart? Want to create more happiness?

Join us for a fun, interactive and insightful workshop to clarify your vision and create happiness. You will discover the principles of success, identify your core values, empower through a rainbow chakra meditation, and construct a vision board.

We are limiting this event to ten guests and the cost for the event is $75.00.

This is an event that we look forward to and we encourage you to contact us to sign up or if you have any questions.

Kim: or 617.335.1219

Christine: or 978.430.6122

What people are saying about Christine:

“To be an effective teacher and healer you must speak from your soul. There are few with Christine’s commitment and passion for what she believes in.” – Lawler Kang,  Founder/CEO, Ingage Inc.

“Christine is a highly personable, intelligent and knowledgeable woman. Working with her is inspiring and I hope to continue our association for years.”  –Lisa G.

“Christine taught me practical, invaluable, lifelong tools for experiencing life to its fullest potential for happiness and well-being.  It was such a small investment, both in time and money, for the huge return of opening my mind to a better approach to life.” – Dawn G.

A few testimonials about Kim!

“Meeting Kim is a transformative experience in and of itself. She is compassionate and very aware of the unseen ways your life can shift for the better. I always come away with nuggets of wisdom, and a deeper connection to my joy and passions when I meet with Kim. ” -Grace Beverly Farms

“I need a tape of you running in my head to make my unwanted thoughts gently disappear.” – Nicole, Essex, MA

“I absolutely loved it! I loved everything – the stories, the exercises and it was all so timely!” – Clare, Hamilton, MA