Connections: Cameron Sesto at Center for Creative Wholeness

Petals KIM

If I had to describe Cameron Sesto’s gift in one sentence it would be this:  Cameron embodies the phrase ‘Creativity comes from within’. Her photography, art, books and workshops are an offering to those of us who choose to participate.

My two children were so very lucky to have Cameron as their first art teacher and they are imbued with this gift – creativity comes from within.  How wonderful to begin your art journey knowing this deeply and profoundly?  Imagine exploring life from that perspective and filtering it with that lens?

I have come to many conclusions during my sojourn into our brain-body connection with Men in the Head ® and one is:  As we help our families in their growth and development, we also need to spend time filling our hearts, feeding our minds, and nurturing our souls.

Just for ourselves. We need to put effort and energy into finding things that nourish us and allow us to express ourselves.

Visual Expression:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cameron once told me that I am a great renderer of art and I winced as I heard it and then laughed knowing it to be true.  It is one thing to be an artist who has skills and techniques to produce wonderful art, whether expressive or realistic.  It is quite another thing to be able to express yourself creatively from within.  There is no preconceived ability necessary. There is no need to be able to draw or paint ‘skillfully’. There is no expectation. It is creative expression pure and simple.  It comes totally from within.  It is born out of the process of going inward, trusting yourself, feeling the safety and support from others to allow the process of releasing yourself to your own greater creativity.

Imagine the wisdom and the joy of this type of expression.  Imagine the acceptance of yourself and the discovery of your gifts.  Imagine hearing your visual voice.  What is it saying to you?


For close to 30 years, Cameron has had an ongoing weekly workshop at her studio in Newburyport, MA.

This summer she launched The Painted Spirit, a weekend travel meditation and tonalist painting workshop with Teri Eramo, a tonalist painter in Byfield, MA.  Their travel destinations involve Newbury, Florida and Ireland.

Most recently, she is offering a six-week workshop at Roots to Wings this September in Byfield, MA. For more information on this particular workshop, see the detail below.

Photography & Art:

A picture really is 1,000 words. I will let Cameron’s work speak for itself.

Bench for Kim

Night Bloom-Kimjpg

Chair for Kim

Singing BowlLeaf Painting Kim


Cameron has published and participated in many books that are available for sale on She has a new book being released in the next few weeks!

Drawing Into Creative Wholeness – forthcoming in October!Front CoverDCW

One End Open – shows a collection of 34 oil paintings with accompanying prose poetry.

Wisdom Bowls
by Meredith Young-Sowers with a forward by Caroline Myss

Cameron’s drawings were featured in this book.

Due to Cameron’s work in a Montessori school, she has produced a few books in that realm.

Sticks: Building Ideas and Confidence in the Montessori Classroom

Spring Tea & Maria Montessori with Alison Ney & Linda Seeley.

More Detail on Her Upcoming Workshop: 

Drawing Into Creative Wholeness with Cameron Sesto

Tuesdays, September 23rd – October 28th 2014  11a-1pm

Something magical happens when we say yes to our creative spirit – when we take time to come together with other like-minded souls, and shift our focus from the outer world to our inner creative world.  We can find peace and wisdom there.

This workshop will introduce you to a process that directs your attention inward with a meditation and then allows impressions of your inner journey to flow freely onto paper using only soft charcoal with your hands and fingers.  We will work in a dimly lit room during the meditation – sitting and working on the floor to allow full body movement when drawing, and we will be silent.  Intimate and personal, these drawings become notes to ourselves; symbols to ponder, transform into artwork later, or just leave as is.

After we finish our drawings, we will come together, turn the lights up a bit, and take turns talking about our drawings; what they mean to us, and listen to what others in the group have to say about them.  Together, our experiences will create a community of trust and exploration of spirit, reflecting on what we see, sense and feel.


Cameron Sesto


For more information or to see some of Cameron’s work:

For more information on the 6-week workshop: