Connections: Farmers to You

Farmers produce

“Mom, can you make the chicken with the sauce, again? I love it!”

“The enchiladas are awesome. When are we having them again?”

“The milk is all gone. When are we getting more?”

“These carrots are fantastic, where did you buy them?”

“This cheese – it’s divine. How can I get some?”

“Oh my, the potatoes are unbelievable. Can I have another helping?”

“The eggs are so fresh. Where did you say you got them?”

The answer to all of these questions is Farmers To You. A group of farmers in Vermont and surrounds who have come together to deliver delicious, fresh and nutrient rich food to families in the Boston area on a weekly basis. How amazing is that?

It is so easy to get the best and healthiest food for your family every week, even throughout the winter months. All you have to do is go online to and select the items you want to be delivered. Then pick them up at a specified time and location close to home.

You can select fresh fruits and vegetables, such as: apples, beets, blueberries, cabbages, carrots, lettuce, onions, potatoes, raspberries, squash, spinach, and tomatoes.

You can select fresh fish and meats, such as: bacon, beef, chicken, flounder, hamburger, pork, sausage, scallops, and turkey.

You can select dairy and egg products, such as: butter, cream, eggs, ice cream, milk, yogurt, and the cheeses are ridiculous! Blue, cream, cedar, feta, goat, Landoff, Moses Sleeper, Oma, ricotta, Weybridge – each one more delicious than the last.

You can select bakery items and grains, such as: apple pie, baguettes, fig anise, pumpernickel, raisin walnut, whole wheat, pizza crust, flour, oats and wheat berries.

There are nuts, coffees, chocolate, honey, maple syrup, jam and kombucha. There are pickles, sugars and pastas. There are soups, stocks and sauces.

I have been shopping there for over 3 years and can only rave. The service is excellent, the pick up site convenient, and the food – scrumptious.

The current delivery sites involve areas in and around Boston and on the North Shore.

You can start a new site near you with as few as 25 families.

Here is the contact information:

Phone: 802-225-6383