Connections: Lisa Russell

Lisa M. Russell,

Live More Realized Healing Arts Center

I’m blessed to be able to connect with incredibly gifted people who help me create magic in my life. Lisa Russell is one such person. I’ve been seeing her for about a year now and my life has changed for the better in so many ways.

With Lisa’s help, I have:

  • Improved balance and calm
  • Increased and sustained energy levels
  • Better body awareness
  • Enhanced intuitive connections
  • Developed mental capabilities
  • Enriched relationships
  • Boundless confidence
  • Unlimited potential

We’ve recently expanded our monthly 1-on-1 sessions to include twice-weekly yoga classes creating even more breath and space in my life.

I highly recommend Lisa as she has a grounded and centeredness most energetic and intuitive facilitators don’t possess. Melding this special combination with her extensive experience, creates a healing situation that is almost indescribable.

However, I will endeavor to do so…

What is Live More Realized?

Lisa has integrated energetic restorative methods, physical healing modes, mental releases and psychic channeling into potent work to affect your life in positive ways. She touches your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to empower your life, to awaken your potential and to discover your own inner peace.

Living your life more realized means you navigate your life with more awareness, ease and joy.   You see things more clearly, face issues with equanimity, and live everyday with increased power, abundance and glory.

About Lisa:

Lisa has assisted thousands of clients to live more empowered lives, to awaken their own abilities and to facilitate their journey to wellbeing.

She has 18+ years of private practice experience including the physical modalities of Yoga, Massage, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Ayurveda and raw foods nutrition. Her energetic modes include Polarity Therapy, Reiki, RYSE (Realize Your Sublime Energies), Access Consciousness ® and Soul Book Alignment. She has a strong and highly developed spiritual connection allowing messages to come through for you to further aid in your healing process.

Lisa has extensive teaching experience involving 15 years at Spa Tech Institute and as cofounder of the Holistic Energy School in Salem, MA. She has designed and crafted her own course materials as well as implementing others’.

She most recently founded her existing healing center, Live More Realized in Danvers, MA, where she currently practices and teaches.

Ways to Work with Lisa:

1-on-1 Sessions:

Private sessions with Lisa involve the energetic modalities of Polarity, RYSE (Realize your sublime energies), Access Consciousness® and psychic channeling. She begins by talking with you for a few moments to gain an understanding of your issues, goals and desires. You then hop, fully clothed, onto the warmed massage table to receive a wonderful blend of physical touch, energy balance and movement, thoughts & limiting-belief shifting, emotional releasing, and messaging from the spirit world.

Price per session: $120 for adults; $100 for teens and children

Self-Realized Yoga:

Lisa works in her yoga studio in small group sessions to bring more body awareness, create more space and help you rediscover your gifts and dreams. She blends breath, yoga, core development, and energy movement into every class type.

She currently offers three types of classes:

  1. Beginner Self-Realization – Begin energetic exploration through breath, stretch and yoga poses. This session has the most physical movement with introduction into energetic healing. It’s the perfect session for those with yogic experience yearning to rediscover themselves through breath and movement.
  2. Intermediate Self-Realization – Continue energetic exploration and begin spiritual connection through breath, stretch and yoga poses. This level has a balanced blend of physical and energetic integration and is great for those who want to improve their physical wellbeing and enhance their lives through energetic movement.
  3. Advanced Self-Realization – Begin exploring your physical side through breath, stretch and yoga and tap into your fully developed spiritual connection to transform your life. Get back into your body to create space just for you. This class is ideal when combined with 1-on-1 sessions with Lisa to accelerate your healing journey.

Price: $250 per 6-week session; limited to groups of 4

Classes & Events:

Lisa teaches many classes and holds several events per month. Check out her website for the current monthly listing. Here is a sampling:

Access Consciousness Bars® – This 8-hour class will change your live filling it with ease, joy and glory. You will learn the gentle touches and points on the head that allow release and improve your ability to receive all the gifts from the Universe. Many people have used this modality to improve sleep, health, weight, money, sex and relationships.

Price: $300

Access Energetic Facelift – Learn how to use energies to lift and rejuvenate your whole body through the use of soft, comforting, soothing touch and nurturing on your face and neck. Also, you will receive and give two complete energetic facelift sessions, as well as learn to provide it for others.

Price: $300

Restorative Yoga Masterclass & Chakra Meditation – This 2-hour class includes 1 hour of Vinyasa flow followed by 1 hour of restorative yoga with essential oils and ending with a charka meditation.

Workshops on Creating Ease, Joy and Glory – Courses range from harnessing your monkey mind to improving how you function with money. These workshops are designed to create more ease, joy and glory in your life. They typically run for 4 – 6 weeks and are offered online.

Price: $125

Gifting & Receiving Shares – Those students who have taken the Access Consciousness Bars® class can participate in a bars gift and receive share.

Special Offers for New Clients:

Lisa is offering special packages for new clients to expand the possibilities in your life!

  1. A Sample of What is Possible in My Life?

This is one 1½ hour session to give you a sample of what is possible. Using my unique combination of Access Consciousness®, body and energy work, you’ll experience a greater level of peace in your mind, body, and soul. Even after just one session, you will leave with renewed energy.

Price: $120

  1. A Taste of What Else is Possible?

This is a 3-week commitment.  We’ll book 3 consecutive sessions of 1½ hours each. Using my unique combination of Access Consciousness®, body and energy work, we’ll bring you to new awareness, a higher level of empowerment, and the ability to ask yourself ‘What else is possible?’

This is a great package if you need a shift in your life, a jump start of positive energy, or are ready to welcome new opportunities. At the end of 3 weeks, you’ll enter life with greater hope, renewed confidence and an openness to increased potential.

Price: $333

  1. An Experience of What ELSE is Possible?

Are you ready? This is an experience of greater possibilities at a much deeper level. It’s a 6-week commitment where we work together every week for a period of 1½ months.

In six 1½ hour sessions, using my unique combination of Access Consciousness®, body and energy work, we create a shift in your energy systems, bringing you greater clarity, focus and empowerment. We release limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings to create ease, joy, and glory in your life.

This 6-week package allows you to manifest more of what you want in your life. If you want more abundance, ease and freedom in your life, this package is for you.

Are you ready?

Price: $680

Other Offerings at Healing Arts Center:

YogaCreate physical space in your body through breath, stretch and yoga movements. Beginner, gentle and restorative master classes are offered throughout the week. Check the website for class description and schedule.

Meet the other incredible yoga teachers at the healing arts center:

Kathleen Hines – Katherine is a master yoga instructor specializing in gentle, restorative and energetic flow yoga.

Hannah Inman – Hannah has been practicing yoga since 2007. Her background in dance enhances her yoga classes to bring deep body awareness with every breath and yogic movement.

Jacalynn Willett – In 2009, Jacalynn discovers yoga and knows she must incorporate its teachings into every aspect of her life. Her social work and psychology background assists her ability to recognize and respond to the needs of others.


Lisa is welcoming a master massage therapist into the healing arts center. This new practitioner will offer Swedish, Chakra, Hot Stone, Integrative Reflexology and Aromatherapy massage. More details to come…

What Others Have to Say:  

Greg, Nick and Katy see Lisa as well and here’s what they have to say:

“I feel so Zen after I see Lisa. I love it!” – Katy W.

“I always feel like I can climb mountains after one of her sessions. I feel like I can do anything!” – Nick W.

“I always feel as if I’ve taken a long nap. The work is so powerful, I knock myself out every time. This is great for me as I have trouble sleeping regularly. Like Katy, I feel completely Zen.” – Greg W.

“I’ve known Lisa for 14 years, both as a gifted Polarity practitioner and as my Polarity instructor. Her skills are exceptional. Several years ago, I had a severe health challenge. Lisa’s weekly Polarity /energy clearing sessions brought me back to alignment and balance time and time again. I truly believe that my full recovery was due, in part, to her treatments and emotional support.” – Margaret P LMT, RPP, AWC

 “I’ve had the privilege of being Lisa Russell’s client for fifteen years. Her transformative work has improved my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in indescribable ways. She’s an extraordinarily gifted healer, teacher, and advisor who enables her clients to examine their lives with renewed energy, trust, and confidence. I’m certain that her classes will provide participants with amazing experiences and opportunities!” – Kerry H.

“I have worked with Lisa for years, her ability to cut through the BS is Amazing, bringing you to a place of calm even in the darkest times. Working with her has allowed me to go get my dream job, find my confidence, strength and inner peace. I continue to grow with every session. I know now that I have the power to do anything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”- Dan M.

“…I loved how grounded she was even while discussing energy. I have been receiving Polarity Therapy from Lisa ever since! Her sessions are one of a kind. She’s really amazing at getting to the heart of the issues that I can’t seem to get clarity from on my own. I leave feeling balanced, happy and hopeful for the future…” – Emily A.


Contact Information:

Lisa M. Russell

Live More Realized

100 Conifer Hill Drive

Suite 301

Danvers, MA 01923