E= MC2

Energy 1

This article is for individuals who need fact-based information in order to support a particular premise or belief. It’s also for those of you who are skeptical of things that appear esoteric or require a leap of faith to accept.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that we are made up of energy and therefore energetic healing supports and benefits our health.

If you already believe that, skip to the last portion of the article for a brief discussion of various types of energetic healing modalities.

If, however, you are not certain, then give this article a whirl.  You may be influenced, or better yet, convinced.

I have taken two approaches.  The first (Our Learning) is more story-like and the second (Albert Einstein) is more pedantic.

1.) Our Learning

To establish the foundation of our thoughts on energy and matter, let’s back up to our science classes.

When we were in school, we learned about Albert Einstein and his law of energy (E = MC2), but if we are completely honest, I bet we have never given a thought about how energy affects our lives.

In elementary school, we learned about Sir Isaac Newton and his theories on gravity, of course, but also on how everything in the world is a liquid, a solid or a gas.  The scientist was brilliant as, in the 1600’s, he conducted experiments on how matter changes from one state to another and sometimes, back into its original state. Matter never goes away. It can change, but not disappear.   For us, it was fascinating to learn because we got to conduct our own experiments with water, ice and steam.

For most of us, we did not go on to an expert level in physics or mathematics, so the true nature of matter and energy is lost to us.  Once we completed our coursework in high school, we probably never linked the findings of Sir Isaac Newton with those of Albert Einstein.  Once we experimented with the states of water or learned how to apply the formulas on the energy (E= MC2), we left our classes and went on to pursue our lives.

For me, I never gave another thought to solids, liquids and gases or the laws of energy.  I never gave them a thought until another business owner asked me how I could believe in the healing powers of Eastern medicine.  “Just cuz’” didn’t seem like a provocative response, so I needed to think for a moment.

Big Light Bulb:

I explained how we all grew up believing in matter being in one of three states and that we seemed to have missed a big meaning of Einstein’s findings.  Simply put, Einstein’s theory is that all matter is made up of energy.  How can this be?

Quantum physics or quantum mechanics is a field of physics that brought everything down to a nano- (or really, really small) level.  Physicists discovered and used mathematical equations for the wave-like behavior of atoms and sub-atoms and the relationship of matter and energy at this smallest level. Accordingly, what we can observe with the human eye is significantly different than what is happening under a very powerful microscope.  There is movement of these sub-atomic particles in every state of matter.

Solids are made up of energy that is moving really, really slowly.  So slowly, we cannot see the movement, but can clearly see the mass of the object.

In liquids, the energy moves more quickly. So we can observe the movement and also see its mass.

For gases, the particles move so quickly, we cannot see either the movement or the mass.

If matter is made up of energy, what does that mean for us? For one thing, it means, we are made up of energy.  Our bodies are made up of energy.  Cool, but so what?

For a more academic explanation, read section 2).  If you do not want or need this section, skip to the Energy Inside Ourselves section.

2.) Albert Einstein

Okay, he’s the man.  He is the man of physics who uncovered the law of energy and the theory of relativity.  Albert Einstein’s law of energy (E= MC2) states that energy equals mass times the square of speed of light.

About his theory of relativity, he said, “It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.” – Albert Einstein

So, what does that mean for us?

It means that mass and energy are different manifestations of the same thing, or in other words, the same thing. So, according to Einstein, everything with mass is made up of energy.

Extrapolating further, everything that has mass is considered matter. If it has no mass, then it’s not matter – it’s energy.

In other words, all matter is made up of energy.

What about non-matter? (Ironically, I could not find any scientific articles containing references to non-matter, so this term may be for laymen only.)  In this light, the definition of non-matter is something that does not actually exist in forms of matter.  It has no mass and is not made up of any physical thing. Some examples given for non-matter are gravity, heat, time, or sound.  Not surprisingly, these are forms of energy.

So if mass is a component of matter and everything with mass is made up of energy, then matter is made up of energy.  If the examples of non-matter are actually forms of energy, then is everything made up of energy?

For purposes of this discussion, it doesn’t matter if everything is made up of energy.  It matters that we, as humans, are made up of energy.  Since we are matter and matter is made up of energy, then by the transitive property, we are also made up of energy.

Phew.  Hopefully, I didn’t lose you in that thread.

Energy Inside Ourselves

If we are made up of energy, than that gives us the potential to change how we view our bodies and our method of keeping them healthy.

To keep us healthy, we eat well, sleep much, and exercise often.  Both western and eastern philosophies support these wellness activities.

However, in western medicine, we see our bodies as flesh, blood and bone with separate organs and tissue.  We heal ourselves and look to medical professionals to heal our bodies by breaking it into separate pieces.  If our knee is weak and filled with arthritis, we get a knee replacement.  If we have trouble swallowing, as our tonsils are too big, we remove them.  If we have indigestion, we take a purple pill to handle any acid reflux.

We are looking at things from a structural perspective.  Something is weak or broken and it needs to be fixed. In these instances, we are not thinking that our body is filled with energy, but that it is a fixed entity of flesh, blood and bone.

When viewing our bodies as separate components that need to be addressed, we are missing an underlying piece where we are made up of energy.  This energy encompasses all of our organs and systems as well.

So, if our bodies and all of its individual parts are made up of energy, then how do we heal it when it is ill or weak and how can we help keep it healthy.

Healthy Bodies of Energy

In a healthy body, the energy systems are all flowing in a natural rhythm, neither over-stimulating any particular area nor stifling one.

All of our energy networks are working together, so if energy is not flowing freely in one area of our body, it can affect other areas as well.

When we don’t feel well, our energy is either too weak or too strong in a particular area and we need to get it moving smoothly again.

This is when eastern or energetic healing modalities can really help us.

Snapshot of Eastern or Energetic Healing Modalities

Over the next few months, we are going to delve into each of these modalities.  Await the next article as we take a brief snapshot of these. (There were too many to include in this article.)