Edward Scissorhands

edward scissorhands


“You are just like Edward Scissorhands!” I say to Greg as we take the million pieces out the boxes to build my new greenhouse.

He has a dislocated thumb on his left hand from an injury several months ago and this morning, he smashes his two middle fingers on his right hand between a cast iron griddle and the stainless steel grill. They are bruised, battered and getting more swollen by the minute.

Not to worry, I am only expecting Edward Scissorhands to put together a greenhouse for me.

There are buckets full of nuts and bolts to be screwed into place.

There are brackets and windows to squeeze and hold.

There are frames and doors to level and square.

“I’ll just call you the claw,” Greg says as I pull on roots to clear more space and sprain my wrist.

We are a pair!

I look at the piles of hardware, windows, frames and brackets.

No problem, we’ve got this.

As we watch videos and read instructions, I think of the fruits and vegetables I will grow.

As we layout and measure, I think of the perennial garden we can put next to the greenhouse.

As we build and tighten, I think of the Adirondack chairs we will set up to relax and rejuvenate.

Oh, by the way, I know enough about gardening to know absolutely nothing.

Perhaps it was this never-ending winter, but I want to get my hands in the dirt. I want to grow beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables. I want to see a lush landscape in my backyard. I want to spend hours and hours outdoors.

Wish me luck. This new venture is just beginning.

I welcome any and all advice!