Happy Halloween!

I wish I knew a lot of things when my children were younger, but one of the most significant was the book lady.

My daughter, Katy, absolutely adored Halloween. She’s loved everything about it; the costumes, the make-up, walking around the neighborhood, the crowds, the parties, the tricks and the treats.

The treats.

That’s the stumper and in her third grade year, I learned about the book lady.

Many of you may already know this, but in case you don’t, the book lady is the one who takes all of the candy gathered on Halloween and gives it to the goblets who, in turn, give you books.

Candy for books.

Yes, books.

Seriously, why did I not know this and more importantly, why didn’t I think of it?

Thankfully, every year, Katy forgot about her candy after the first few pieces and it disappeared after a few forgotten weeks.

But, the book lady.

The book lady.


Here’s to the book lady.

Wishing you a spooky and glorious Halloween,