Monkey Anyone?

MonkeyThe 11-year old girl, Dad & Mom are sitting on the back deck where the Dad is making breakfast on the grill. They are looking through cookbooks as mastering cooking is an obsession with the girl and learning is a desire for the Dad. They are talking about many delicious dishes and planning future cooking sessions.   They are also talking about the 13-year old brother, who can barely boil water.

“The boy needs to learn to cook five things before he leaves the house, because a guy who knows how to cook is self-reliant and it’s a great thing for his future girl,” says the Mom.

“What does he need to know?” asks the girl.

“He needs to know how to make a chicken, pasta and fish dish. He also needs to know who to cook eggs and to grill either hamburgers or steak. If he knows these five things, he has the basics covered.”

“Did Dad know how to cook when you met him?”

“No, he didn’t know how to cook anything, but he could grill.”

“But, he makes great eggs now and is a master at breakfast,” states the girl smiling at her father.

“Yes, but he didn’t come with eggs,” replies the Mom.

“He didn’t come with eggs,” the girl exclaims shaking her head, “You make him sound like a toy! The monkey didn’t come with symbols!”