We are the same

“The country has never been more divided.”

“Everything is partisan.”

“The divide is too wide. The divisiveness too great. The opinions too engrained.”

This is not a political post.

It’s a reminder.

It’s reminder that we are the same.

We need to remember this when we are reading an opinion opposite from our own.

We need to take a moment and reflect on it when we hear inflammatory remarks in opposition to our beliefs.

We need to breathe and remember.

We are the same.

We share similar values.

We have similar goals.

We live similar lives.

We are the same.

Our similarities are many:

We want the best for our loved ones.

We need to provide for our families.

We require safety in our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

We expect clean air and clean water.

We desire supportive friends and families.

We wish for better lives for our children and grandchildren.

We love.

It’s really that simple.

We love.

If we love, then can we remember that at the core we are the same?

We share similar needs and requirements.

We share similar beliefs.

We have similar goals and desires.

We are more similar than different.

We are more alike than disparate.

We have more in common than not.

We are, at the core, the same.

Can we remember?

Can we take a moment and reflect on it?

Can we show our children the art of dialogue and debate?

Can we demonstrate the art of compromise?

Can we teach our children?

We are the same.

Yet, our children see it already.

They invite those on the sidelines into games on the playground.

They play indiscriminately with others at recess.

They speak to each other on line and laugh at videos on Youtube.

Our children act as if we are all the same.

They see it.

They know it.

Perhaps, I have it backwards.

Perhaps, our children need to teach us.

Perhaps, we should watch them negotiate who’s turn it is on the playground.

Perhaps, we should view their actions when meeting someone different for the first time.

Perhaps, we should observe how they work together during community service.

Perhaps we can learn the core of ourselves from them.

We are all the same.

We need to remember it when we are calm and when we are agitated.

We are all the same.

Our similarities are greater than our differences.

At the core, we are exactly the same.

We love.

It’s just that simple.

Let us remember.


As always, wishing you joy,