Year of the Fire Monkey 2016

2016 new year simbol origami red fire monkey family on a white background

Today, we enter the year of the Fire Monkey after experiencing the contemplative, nurturing and sensitive energies of the Wood Sheep. This year, the mischievous and high energy of the monkey is combined with the fire element that may be unpredictable, yet has the potential for tremendous innovation.

This year, be ready for change. Be ready to shake things up. Be ready to embark on a new journey.

To help you, rely on the intelligence, wit, playfulness, youth, inventiveness, and fun-loving energy of the monkey and in the fire element – turn up the heat on all of it!

The monkey is good for working in groups, being creative, improving communication, and maintaining high mental and physical energy; making this a good time to develop a fitness routine and pursue any and all learning.

However, don’t be fooled by the monkey, as the energy is also tricky and cunning. Be alert to deception. Enlist your discernment. Take a few moments to make any big decisions.

Overall, enjoy the sparkling energy and humor of the monkey and the passion and joy of fire. Take a leap. Go for it. Be ready for new adventures and excitement.

Welcome 2016.

Happy New Year!