Book Review: Masterminds & Wingmen

RW-book-cvr-wingmenWiseman, Rosalind, Masterminds & Wingmen, 2013.

The author of Queenbees and Wannabees does it again as she explores boy world.

Why Do I like this book?

This book is perfect for parents of boys, particularly mothers, who will get a clear look into the inner life of boys.

I like the style of the writing with interesting stories, snippets and examples from boys and bulleted points and lists to illustrate particular points.  This book can be read straight through or used as a reference guide.

I really like this book for its points about boy’s emotional lives, particularly their need for silence yet corresponding need to talk about feelings and expectations.

What to Expect from this book?

You will gain a clear understanding of your boy’s inner life, you will review your own actions, and you will make adjustments on your daily interactions with your son(s).

For example, my new mantra when I drive my son to school is, “Silence is my greatest gift to him right now. Silence is my greatest gift to him right now…”

Overall Recommendation:

If you have a boy at home, I highly recommend this book!