Small tree between roots

Remember when your world was filled with wonder and your imagination sang with the splendor of unending play all day,

Remember when your world was filled with hugs and kisses and people bigger than you picked you up when you fell, tucked you in at night and filled your every need;

Remember the magic as you talked with imaginary friends, believed in Santa Claus or saw fairies in the woods,

Remember the taste of freedom as you rode your bike for the first time or walked to the store by yourself,

Remember the initial glimpse of power when you realized others were attracted to you – your wit, your charm, your intelligence or your beauty,

Remember the heartbreak of unrequited love or your first romantic split;

Remember the sense of comfort when you fit into your peer group and the feeling of utter loneliness as you understood you still travelled this world alone;

Remember the first time you tested yourself – your physical ability, mental prowess or emotional stamina,

Remember your feeling of pride as you achieved that original moment of glory and the accompanying confidence and blush of success,

Remember living just for you without needing to heed anyone else’s desires, wants or concerns,

Remember the power in your hands as you navigated your world with such freedom and abandon,

Remember the memory of making your first big decision, the give and take, the high and low, the insecurity and surety of it,

Remember living with your decision and the never-ending questions– was it the right one? Is this it? What else is out there?

Remember, feeling that yes, it was the right one, but now it’s time to make another one; perhaps a bit differently, with a slight adjustment or a course correction;

Remember your heart bursting with joy with sounds of loved ones’ laughter flooding your being,

Remember your pride as you observed your loved ones achieve something just for themselves,

Remember the heart stopping fear as you watched a loved one go on adventures or take risks unfamiliar to you,

Remember the sorrow and grief you felt at the loss of a loved one;

Remember when you thought everything was possible, life was limitless, you were invincible,

Remember when your potential was greater than your experience;

Remember the first time you were overlooked for another’s youth, beauty, intellect, charm or wit,

Remember the feeling of vulnerability the first time your body or your mind did not respond as it always had in the past,

Remember the moment others, younger than you, surpassed your ability, strength or endurance;

Remember when you looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize the person reflected back to you,

Remember when your past was less than your future and the world was filled with seemingly limitless opportunity,

Remember the wonder, joy, imagination and magic the world held for you?

Remembrance has its own power.

It reminds you of who you were.

It reminds of you of all of your memories, experiences, trials and successes.

It reminds you of who you are.

It reminds you the world still holds everything – just for you.

It reminds you are the same person – you are made up of all of the moments of your life – the ones filled with freedom, abandon, power, glory and wonder,

It reminds you are still made of strength, endurance, charm, intellect and wit;

It reminds you are still made of beauty and magic and joy;

It reminds you are more precious now than ever,

It reminds you that you are a gift to this Universe.

It reminds you to remember who you are –

You are the sum of all of your life lived and all that is to come.

You are the past, the present and the future.

You are everything and more.


Yes, remember.

Remember who you are.


As always, wishing you joy – for 2017 and beyond,

Happy New Year,