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I have known Roberta for almost 25 years! We met while working at a financial services company. I was in finance and Roberta was in purchasing. I loved talking with her even then, as she was always cheerful and kind.

We reconnected at a Million Dollar Women event 5 years ago and I am so glad we ran into each other and made plans to catch up again. We see each other every few months and it is so restorative and fun. Over the years, we each may have changed life direction, but our connection remains strong.

Roberta is vivacious, happy, and curious. She has lots of interests and pursues each with zeal. She is heavily involved with Toastmasters, teaches at the Russian School of Mathematics in Wincester, is the owner of Dog Health News, and is President of Public Speaking for Youth™ and Speech Coach Pro™. This may seem varied, but Roberta’s mission, underlying each endeavor, is to give voice to people and to pets.

She perfects her own public speaking skills, speaks for dogs, teaches public speaking to people of all ages, and enables individuals and small business owners to give voice through her TV program “Get Your Voice Out There™”.

Her work involves coaching, writing, hosting TV programs, and connecting people and resources. Connecting is one of Roberta’s special gifts. She knows everyone and garners respect wherever she goes.

She has been the Toastmasters International Area Governor of District 31 Area 11, serves as President of the JCCNS Toastmasters Club, is one of the 2013 Legendary Locals of Salem, Massachusetts, and is featured on her website with Cesar Millan holding her book, Good Boy Jesse as a gift.

Roberta is the author of Good Boy Jesse, a story of a dog named Jesse, as narrated by himself. It is a moving, tender, and uplifting autobiography of Jesse, a charming Golden Retriever, who through the eyes of his human mother narrates his lifelong journey with carefree humor.

This work appears to have launched Dog Health News™ as well as Roberta’s mission to give voice to those who do speak for themselves.

Her weekly blog, Dog Health News™, features tips and free videos about dog allergies, behavior, care, food, health expenses, health insurance, loss, rescue and welfare. Every article focuses on ways to keep your dog healthy throughout his or her life. You can follow Doghealth News™ at:

Check out the work that launched this wonderful blog on Amazon at Good Boy Jesse by Roberta Chadis.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 19th for a conference at Danversport Yacht Club called Dog Health Day to learn about better dog health at an affordable price. Stay tuned for more details.

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