Dog Health – 9 Jaw Dropping Similarities between You & Your Dog


By Roberta Chadis, Doghealth News™, June 2015

Dog health and your health might be more connected than you think if you look at your dog’s body, behavior and diet as compared to your own physical health, mental attitude and your dietary habits so you may want to take time to study your dog for a day and see if you’re really as careful about his health as you think you are or even worse, you may discover a few things about your own bad habits before it’s too late for you and your dog.

This news brief uncovers observations about the similarities of health issues for you and your dog.

Dog Health: 9 Similarities Between You and Your Dog 

  1. Diet – What do you give your dog to eat every day? If you read the labels on dog food and make sure your dog gets a nutritionally balanced diet, plenty of water and a few healthy treats, ask yourself if you do the same thing for yourself.
  2. Activity – How much exercise does your dog get every day? If your dog has more than 3 walks, time to play hard to burn off some calories and some time to play, ask yourself if you think you get enough work out time to stay healthy.
  3. Vocal variety – Does your dog speak up? Sometimes your dog simply needs to bark and release some energy or stress that helps with his overall good dog health. If your dog barks excessively, ask yourself whether there’s a common thread in your behavior that indicates you need to speak up or to talk less.
  1. Eye contact – Does your dog get the attention he needs? If your dog uses his eyes to talk to you when he needs to go out or when your dog is hungry, ask yourself if you express yourself in a similar way with your friends and family.
  2. Socialization – Does your dog love to be with people and dogs? If your dog is a social butterfly with your friends, family, strangers and other dogs, ask yourself if you behave the same way. Alternatively, if your dog shies away from people and doesn’t like to socialize with other dogs, ask yourself if you’re just like your dog.
  3. Attitude – Does your dog seem happy or sad? Dog health can be affected by your dog’s disposition. Ask yourself if your dog is a reflection of you or the energy in your home. You may need to stand back and observe your household to see the changes in your dog’s attitude when he’s around different people including yourself.
  4. Love – Does your dog simply love everyone he meets? Ask yourself if you and your dog have the same personality or are you the complete opposite in spite of your dog’s unconditional love.
  5. Stress – Does your dog seem nervous, excitable and anxious? Again, dog health is often affected by your dog’s stress levels. Ask yourself if you feel stressed and anxious about anything in your life that might cause your dog to behave oddly.
  6. Appearance – Does your dog need to be groomed? If your dog looks like he’s having a bad hair day or your dog needs his nails trimmed, ask yourself if it’s time for some personal grooming too.

You and Your Dog’s Health

  • You and your dog may keep each other healthy if you follow the same regimen for things like your diet, exercise, and mental health. Your dog is often a reflection of his environment and dog health issues like obesity may be caused by external circumstances that you can control or change.
  • Your dog’s behavior and your dog’s health may be a barometer for your family’s health and Dog Health News encourages you to pay closer attention to your dog’s health as a way to prevent dog health issues and as a way to observe human health problems like dehydration and diabetes.

This news brief gives you 9 similarities between you and your dog for you to think about as a strategy to keep you and your dog healthy.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have information about of the similarities of dog health and their own health which will help them take better care of their dog’s health and their household’s health. You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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