Connections: The Great Courses


I just become aware of a wonderful learning resource that is so convenient, so accessible, and so affordable.

Check out The Great Courses online at to learn about science, music, art, language, philosophy and so much more.

I just checked out a course on How to Grow Anything: Food Gardening for Everyone. It’s $169.95 and is a 12-lesson discourse on seeds, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, composting, food harvesting, extending the growing season and more.

You can download a video set or order a DVD.

Areas of focus involve: science, fine arts, philosophy, mathematics, music, history, religion, economics, professional, and better living.

Under better living, the topics include: cooking, mindfulness, investments, photography, yoga, tai chi, story telling, or fine wines.

There are 500+ courses and the pricing starts at $44.95.

Check out the website and start learning about subjects you are interested in today.

Thanks Katie for the recommendation!