All About Energy

Healing Hands and seven chakras on a sparklingpastel coloured background

There is energy all around us. In fact, we are bodies of energy.

Successfully navigating our world involves successfully navigating the energy around and within us.


Everything is made up of energy. Recognizing this and becoming aware of energy involves tapping into your senses and reading the energy within and without.

To begin, you will need a quiet space and a few moments in meditation.

Once you have entered a meditative state, rub your palms together, and place your hands in front of you, facing each other about a foot apart.

Direct your focus to your hands and imagine a ball of glowing white light between your palms. Begin to feel soft pulses of energy between your palms and pretend you are holding this ball gently. Feel the pulses getting stronger and move your hands around the ball. Feel the ball getting smaller and then getting bigger. Be playful with your energy ball for a few moments.

As you exit your meditative state, remember the feeling of energy between your hands. Practice doing this a few times and you will get more familiar with the feeling of energy around you.


When you feel out of sorts or out of focus, you can help yourself by grounding your energy.

Sit quietly in a chair with your feet planted on the floor. Enter a meditative state and take a deep breath. Imagine a ball of white light above your head and then an opening at your crown.  Picture this white light entering the top of your head and traveling down a channel in the middle of your body. Picture it going down your forehead, your throat, your heart, your chest and stomach, through your hips, down your legs past your knees and into your feet.

Picture this white light going from your feet and into the floor. Imagine this white light becoming roots and going straight into the earth. Take a few deep breaths. Inhale and exhale – stretching these roots. Inhale and exhale – deepening these roots. Inhale and exhale a few more times.

Exit your meditative state.


It is a good idea to protect yourself every morning from any negative energy that may be floating about you.

I like tips and tricks that you can fit into your back pocket, so when you are in the shower in the morning, put energy around you.

Imagine a bubble of white energy around your entire body covering your head, surrounding you fully, and closing completely at your feet.

This takes less than a minute.


Ever notice times when you are out in public and feel inexplicably anxious or irritable? Negative energy could be entering your sphere without you even knowing it.

If this happens, simply picture a field of white light surrounding your body and coming out your hands. Imagine this white light cutting off any negative energy and sending it back to the sender with love and compassion. You can even say to yourself, “I send this energy back to sender with loving kindness.”

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