learn, practice and improve words on three red dice over white background

“Practice is not just for waffles,” I hear in meditation the other day. I chuckle to myself and I think how true and what an amazing connection.

This connection to waffles and practice starts a few months back.

This summer, I explore astrology and learn what an abundantly exhaustive subject area it is. I study on-line. I take classes and go to workshops. I do webinars and read books. I realize I need practice so set out to do the astrological charts of friends and family. In short, I become a full-fledged student in the area of astrology. I give myself permission to be a student and to practice.

Yet, as adults, we do not often give ourselves permission to be students, to learn,  and to practice.

We think we need to be experts on all areas of life. We feel we need to know how to do everything. We do not give ourselves time and space to learn and to practice.

The other week we got a new waffle maker. We’ve never had one, so have never mixed the batter and measured out the right amount. We’ve never baked until cooked through – soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside. We’ve never cooked a few to get a feel for the process.

Yet, what do I do? I start the first time on a school day without taking any extra time. Why do I think I can make waffles perfectly for breakfast on that first day? Why do I think I don’t need to make a few just to see how it works? Why do I think this is a good idea?

Thankfully, I had frozen waffles at the ready to save breakfast that morning.

So, practice.


I give myself permission to practice. We can make waffles on a Saturday morning and take our time. We can practice and have fun trying lots of different batters. We can make waffles for a ‘breakfast for dinner’ event and add some wine for even more fun.

So, practice.

Do I apply this to other areas of my life? Of course not.

In meditation the other day, I ask, “How can I get over my fear of using my psychic abilities?”

I hear, “Practice is not just for waffles.”

I chuckle.

So, practice.


Let us all be students. Let us all learn. Let us all give ourselves permission to practice.